Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Secret Drawing Spots: Life at Sea

I love my tiny 8 x 9 studio but sometimes I gotta get the hell out...even tho I want to work. We don't get a lot of perfect weather days here in the Bay Area so I gotta stop and smell the roses when I can dammit. I used to search for perfect diners/coffee spots with good light for drawing. Thing is, I don't really wanna talk to anyone. Haha. I guess people think if you are out with your sketchbook you're probably looking for attention (which could be cool if that's what you're lookin for I guess). So recently I've been looking for more quiet spots where I can hermit-out Kenobi style. I found this awesome one near...well, can't tell ya pal. It's in the East Bay I'll give ya that.
Below: reference action shots of my friend Devon wearing his somewhat Druid looking wrestling cape and hood. Look at me getting all excited about riding my bike a mile down the street to go draw...His band is going to Africa on tour! Conquest For Death