Monday, July 23, 2007

Now I'm on my way

Down and full of doubt I listen to Crowbar...then it's time to get right back up.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Everybody Loves Demons

Check out this Cataclysmic Abyss inspired Mural on the wall of a new skateshop in Imperial Beach CA called 'Ollie Angel'. I'm really flattered someone would do this eventho they probably have no idea who I am. it's been a good day so far. I hope it continues...I don't know Butchie instead.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

CCi 2007

It's almost time for our trip to San Diego for Comicon. I can feel it in me belly, I love this part of the summer. I will NOT be part of Artist's Alley this year but who knows? The elusive 'Mike Stufin' might make an appearance as in 2005 (I couldn't attend that year, but somehow there was an empty table with my name spelled wrong....embarassing). I will be signing from 11-12 AM and 3-4 PM on Friday @ the Upper Deck booth #2829. I'll be there with amazing artists like Zoltan and Gabor (Hungary), Alex Horely, Andrew Robinson, and Doug Alexander Gregory. For the most part I will be walking around the con, buying books and getting inspired. I can't wait...I wonder if Aquatic Bigfoot will show up...if he does, it might come down to fisticuffs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jerk$ Get Paid

When you slow down to watch the shameful ones you support what you hate. it doesn't seem like the majority of TV advertisers care what brings in big ratings good or bad. Don't you notice when celebrity X says or does something horrible, the world media jumps on it, then in some backward-ass logic, the accused starts making more money than ever? I think becoming hated in America is the new get rich quick plan because apparently everyone loves to tune in to watch the beatings.

With so much information available these days whether it's screaming into your eyes and ears thru your Digital-Cable-Satellite TV OR from the wireless signals buzzing to and from the 8 different hand held appliances fashioned to your Bat-belt OR the 800 zillion magazines, newspapers and internet sites available at the drop of a have a choice. "It's not what they're selling it's what you're buying'". Maybe if we ignore it, it will GO AWAY. *Opinion*

Sunday, July 15, 2007

@ Fireside 1996

Found this old picture of Charles Bronson @ the Fireside Bowl today and I thought it was pretty interesting how everyone is partially hidden. Plus, Mark looks like he could almost be about to start rapping and I have no torso and really short legs.

Friday, July 13, 2007

SINHABITS World Premiere!

My brother Pete and his friends from Long Beach and beyond have put together their own skate video 'SINHABITS'. The feature is scheduled to destroy on Monday July 16th. One of the many cool things about this video is that it features a wide variety of skaters...including pros and amateurs, but no one seems to care about that crap...they are a crew of friends. Pete did some artwork for the release as well. 'Nice one Pete!'.

Body count soundtrack...ahaahahaha!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Secret Drawing Spots: Life at Sea

I love my tiny 8 x 9 studio but sometimes I gotta get the hell out...even tho I want to work. We don't get a lot of perfect weather days here in the Bay Area so I gotta stop and smell the roses when I can dammit. I used to search for perfect diners/coffee spots with good light for drawing. Thing is, I don't really wanna talk to anyone. Haha. I guess people think if you are out with your sketchbook you're probably looking for attention (which could be cool if that's what you're lookin for I guess). So recently I've been looking for more quiet spots where I can hermit-out Kenobi style. I found this awesome one near...well, can't tell ya pal. It's in the East Bay I'll give ya that.
Below: reference action shots of my friend Devon wearing his somewhat Druid looking wrestling cape and hood. Look at me getting all excited about riding my bike a mile down the street to go draw...His band is going to Africa on tour! Conquest For Death

Monday, July 2, 2007

Don't forget the Planar Chaos

Heyo. This Magic: The Gathering expansion set Planar Chaos has been out for awhile but I've been so busy, it's taken forever to scan and retouch the images. When these paintings were returned to me my first thought was they looked really smooth and too clean looking (It had been about 4 months since I'd seen them). I've been trying to add in more texture lately by doing my under-paintings with Acrylic often painting with rags and a toothbrush in addition to my usual brushes. Anyway, I thought this time around I'd show the quick color comps I do for each painting. Ok, back to work...