Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jerk$ Get Paid

When you slow down to watch the shameful ones you support what you hate. it doesn't seem like the majority of TV advertisers care what brings in big ratings good or bad. Don't you notice when celebrity X says or does something horrible, the world media jumps on it, then in some backward-ass logic, the accused starts making more money than ever? I think becoming hated in America is the new get rich quick plan because apparently everyone loves to tune in to watch the beatings.

With so much information available these days whether it's screaming into your eyes and ears thru your Digital-Cable-Satellite TV OR from the wireless signals buzzing to and from the 8 different hand held appliances fashioned to your Bat-belt OR the 800 zillion magazines, newspapers and internet sites available at the drop of a hat...you have a choice. "It's not what they're selling it's what you're buying'". Maybe if we ignore it, it will GO AWAY. *Opinion*