Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gobin Cock Video 'We've Got A Bleeder'

Yeah!!! New Goblin Cock footage!!

GOBLIN COCK - "We've Got A Bleeder" Music Video - Director Matt Hoyt from Matt Hoyt - Wormwood Films on Vimeo.

Goblin Cock is currently on tour and for those in the bay area, they will be destroying at the Rickshaw Stop on Feb. 26th!! 8PM.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Om - Six Organs of Admittance Poster by David D'Andrea

I'm feeling enthusiastic about my friends at Monolith Press. They have notably expanded their web presence with a new blog, portfolio and upcoming webstore.

Thier first release is a very strong offering from amazing artist David D'Andrea. A new 9 color silk screen poster for Om / Six Organs of Admittance / Portland 2-13-09 will go on sale at midnight, Friday February 13th at the new Monolith webstore.

The print was made in an edition of 225, with a variant edition of 28. Approximately 100 regular edition and 20 variants will be available via mailorder.
Sold with a "first come- first serve" policy. Any over-orders will be refunded.

David D'Andrea
Monolith Press

In a related side note. I am gearing up to start a brand new art print for Monolith this March.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

NYCC Last Words

NY Comicon was a rewarding and memorable trip! I've made some friends in the short time I've been working on vinyl toys and it was a pleasure to meet up direct. A handful of toy enthusiasts even flew in from all over the globe! Thanks so much to everyone who made this a great event for us. Extreme thanks go to Rumble Monsters, Toy Tokyo, Secret Base and of course Pushead & the Skeletal Crew!! The response has been amazing and thanks to Vinyl Pulse, ToyCyte, Hateball/Mishka for getting the word out on the internerds. Sorry if I accidentally forgot anything...

The Bop Dragon / Mini Damnedron sets came packed in a clear hand-paint bucket with a special mini-giclee in back. Here is a photo of the first NYCC Duo Set:

I also came home with a small amount of quality loot from the convention which I will post later.

Brian E. we love you.