Friday, November 23, 2007

Pinback Courtesy of Herc

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beast Within: The Red Herring

Hello. Check it out I'm Kenny Bloggins. Ugh. Well, when I was asked to be part of the Beast In Me show, I was really excited. This idea came bubbling up, to do a full on oil painting with little windows where you could see thru to a layer below. Similar to how traditional animation cells are done but using plexi-glass for more depth between the two panels. So here's a look at the first attempt at something like this. I hope I can revisit this process soon, as I have a bunch of ideas I'd like to do. I really enjoy James Jean's informative Blog and he has influenced me to showcase more of the process. -BattleOn, Mike S.

Pencil drawing:

Back panel: Drawing on Rives BFK paper mounted to masonite. HOW?-Donato Giancola's Method

Top Panel cut out and ready to be mounted

Two panel sandwich ready for painting. One masonite, one plexi-glass.

Background panel half done...ish-ish. Acrylic with spray paint. In addition to regular brushes, I used Rags and toothbrush here.

1 Laying down Acrylic. Slowly realizing how hard it will be to keep paint off the plexiglass. You can see the protective plastic is still on the back of the plexi glass in the upper left.

Reference Desk



4 Starting to put Oil paint on top of the Acrylic

Final Frame is store bought then damaged a bit with tools. Painted with black and polyurethane finish. Painting is 12.5x17.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Refill 7 Tokyo

image from Synchronicity

Refill Seven, the exhibition of lasered skate art, is travelling to Tokyo, 22 selected artists from the original event will have their decks on show at Shibuya's Tower Records from Friday 9th November to Wednesday 14th November.

The artists included in the Tokyo event are Ben Brown, Estevan Oriol, DeltaHouse 33, Aaron Horkey, Faf, iMode 2, Michael Leon, Todd Bratrud, Rostarr, Bigfoot, Monster, Children, VC, JEric Elms, Jeff Staple, SSUR, Mike Sutfin, Marok, Usugrow, Seven Stars and Pushead.

Refill 7 TOKYO