Thursday, June 7, 2012

DC Comics based exhibit 'Darkness & Light'

On June 22nd, a painted depiction of Jack Kirby's 'THE DEMON' character was part of a DC comics based group exhibition titled 'Darkness & Light' which was conceived byWarner Bros. The private reception was held at the gallery space within the new state of the art DC comics HQ in Burbank, CA. The show will soon expand in several ways, including new additional art from the within the DC talent pool & the show will also be on display to the public during SDCC & NYCC 2012. Michael J. Wolf Gallery in San Diego, July 13-15th. Additional exhibit location info TBA.

[With Etrigan THE DEMON painting in Burbank, CA.]
DC Comics HQ 'Darkness & Light' Exhibit
[DC Comics HQ - Gallery entrance video display.]
DC Comics HQ 'Darkness & Light' Exhibit