Thursday, August 21, 2008

FEAST YOUR EYES Sept. 5th 2k8 Portland

Feast Your Eyes Poster Front

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Diesel Fuel Gallery
726 South East 10th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

Music by DJ Nate C

Featured Artists:
Davey D'Andrea
Glenn Smith (Glenno)
Lee Zeman
Lydia Crumbley
Mark McCormick
Mauz (Monolith Press)
Miguel Veliz
Mike Fisher (Maximum Fluoride)
Mike Sutfin
Sam Ford

Feast Your Eyes Postcard Front
Feast Your Eyes Postcard Back

I took this print show as an opportunity to rework some older art. The two prints seen below were originally record covers for the amazing bands BLACK HELL(Arizona) and SAFE INSIDE(CA). Each 4-color silk-screen print will be available at the event. 10 on WOOD with hand painted sections. 50 pcs. on 130 lb. paper.

Hellbent Print on Wood

More pics to come...thank you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mountain Dew Green Label Art

My Mountain Dew bottle "Hessian Henchman" has officially been released today. I have this vision in my head of 50,000 bottles running down a conveyor belt. Maybe Levern & Shirley placing a work glove on one as it sails into the distance. It's definitely not often that a project like this comes along and I probably won't have too many other opportunities to do artwork in 'the round'. I'm very happy to have been involved.

The artwork was printed on these cool 16 0z. Aluminum Bottlecans. Check'r out, Thank you:

Mountain Dew BottleCan Art_Pencil
Mountain Dew BottleCan Art_Ink
Mountain Dew BottleCan Art_Color
Mountain Dew BottleCan Art_Color_Final
"The Hessian Henchman waits patiently at the summit of the sacred mountain, blasting heavy metal in the moonlight while carving oak with sharp steel. At dawn, a mysterious mist forms, and the Hessian captures the lime green potion. Drink it and feel the might of a thousand wolves."

Friday, August 8, 2008

SDCC 2K8 Book Bag


I don't really know why, but this year my hefty purchases at the con were older, out of print books. I found two more of the 6 Virgil Finlay Hard Cover books (I need 2,4 and 5). The first book is limited to 1050(1975)and the 3rd is 1300(1979). I wonder if there is a reason for those numbers? The work in these books comes from the collection of Gerry de la Ree who is also the publisher. While I was reading the forward to the first book, my jaw dropped when I read how he created his stipple technique. He would dip a 290 lithographic pen in India Ink and do every individual dot by only letting the liquid touch the paper. The pen tip never made contact. After each point, the pen would be wiped clean. It's very interesting to read words written by a patron who genuinely believed in a talent like Finlay.

The 3rd out of print book I found was Ian Miller's 'Green Dog Trumpet and other Stories'. A paperback from 1978. I had to buy this when I saw it. When I was just starting out as an Illustrator I did some work for FASA, a RPG company from Chicago. I would travel into the city, often with Mark A. Nelson to drop off an assignment. Since we lived in the burbs, why waste money on FedEx? Plus, we got to hang out with the FASA dudes like Jim Nelson. I remember being introduced to Ian Miller's work when all of a sudden these amazing black and white sketches started pouring out of the office fax machine (this was like 10 years ago). Despite the low quality fax, I was blown away. Later, I was able to see some finished ink drawings. Really amazing detailed work. The 'Green Dog' book is much earlier in his career so it's really cool to see his evolution.

Missed out on a few books I'm trying to track down now: Bruce Timm 08' Sketchbook and Travis Charest's 'Spacegirl'.

Friday, August 1, 2008

SDCC Skeletal Carnival Report

Thanks to everyone who came out to the event. I was able to meet lots of great people there and had a complete blast. As always it was great to see Usugrow and his Rebel Ink for SDCC was killer. Much respect to Rumble Monsters, Pushead, Francisco, Jon T., Dave M., Toybot Studios, Chris K., Peter S., Robert A. Tonya S., Melissa K. and Super7 for helping to make this such a memorable year for me.


Here's a pic of the wooden backdrop that came with every Bop Dragon. There were 9 that came with Cloaks as well.


Usugrow's Blue Rebel Ink. His first piece in color? Pushead's FHP Red Skull Captain in back: