Monday, August 11, 2008

Mountain Dew Green Label Art

My Mountain Dew bottle "Hessian Henchman" has officially been released today. I have this vision in my head of 50,000 bottles running down a conveyor belt. Maybe Levern & Shirley placing a work glove on one as it sails into the distance. It's definitely not often that a project like this comes along and I probably won't have too many other opportunities to do artwork in 'the round'. I'm very happy to have been involved.

The artwork was printed on these cool 16 0z. Aluminum Bottlecans. Check'r out, Thank you:

Mountain Dew BottleCan Art_Pencil
Mountain Dew BottleCan Art_Ink
Mountain Dew BottleCan Art_Color
Mountain Dew BottleCan Art_Color_Final
"The Hessian Henchman waits patiently at the summit of the sacred mountain, blasting heavy metal in the moonlight while carving oak with sharp steel. At dawn, a mysterious mist forms, and the Hessian captures the lime green potion. Drink it and feel the might of a thousand wolves."