Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bop Dragon Mike Sutfin Colorway Saga!!!

From Toybot Studios:


Perhaps one of the craziest colorways to come out of the RUMBLE MONSTERS stable, this BOP DRAGON MIKE SUTFIN COLORWAY is going to have you scratching your head with variations. All part of the devious plan stirred up at the HOUSE of RUMBLE MONSTERS in Japan.

First, Mr. Sutfin created his colorway and through secret contacts and meetings (yours truly was privy to one such meeting...until they smacked me over the head), passed along the vinyl and paint directions along with special utensils to an agent for RUMBLE MONSTERS. From there....maybe it was the long hours and paint fumes....but it turned out something like this....all in very small (TINY!) quantities:

No Less Than Four (4) Different Versions:


*MS1 = PAINTED VERSION - Black, Day-glow Red, Silver Metallic and Iridescent white paint. Semi-transparent frosty yellow 'Lemonade' vinyl BOP. Includes both black tampos. Plus, the forehead tampo designs of all these PAINTED VERSIONS have been carefully embellished by Sutfin...with a few 'stitches'. Signed on the foot by Sutfin too!

*MS2 = UNPAINTED LEMONADE 2 TAMPO ONLY VERSION - Includes both black tampos on semi-transparent frosty yellow Lemonade vinyl BOP. There is NO paint on this version.....clean.


*RM3 = PAINTED NO TAMPO VERSION- Black, Day-glow Red, Silver Metallic and Iridescent white paint. Semi-transparent frosty yellow 'Lemonade' vinyl BOP....with NO tampos.

*RM4 = BLACKENED LEMONADE 2 TAMPO VERSION- Includes both black tampos on semi-transparent frosty yellow Lemonade vinyl BOP. This BOP has black paint sprayed over the entire figure, then wiped off gently leaving some paint in the cracks.

On top of all this.....Mr. Sutfin crafted out a beautiful special header card for all versions (besides the 2 tampo designs)!

Release information:
VERSIONS MS1 & MS2 are now available! contact admin@mikesutfin.com

VERSIONS RM3 & RM4 will be available at the end of November! check out rumble-monsters.net

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pick up your stunt-wood and get illlllllll...

I am so excited to see that the skate film 'Sick Boys' is coming out on DVD!! Extras? Holy crap. I must have watched this flick 100x as a kid. I paid homage in my Mountain Dew video (mini skateboard in my Wheaties) but it didn't make the cut. Probably a good thing in hindsight. The less time my mug is on youtube the better.

Sick Boys 1988 from Bryce Kanights on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rumble Monsters VS. Sutfin!!

Since Pushead's Skeletal Carival 3 during SDCC, RUMBLE MONSTERS and Sutfin have decided to continue their unholy collaboration of vinyl! This time, with iron determination, the two forces have combined their creative energies, giving birth to a new BOP DRAGON COLORWAY. Two extremely limited versions to be released: PAINTED VERSION & Unpainted LEMONADE VINYL 2 TAMPO ONLY. Two original illustrations were created for tampos, which are printed on the forehead and across the belly of each figure. Every Bop Dragon comes packaged with additional new artwork running horizontally on a special header card, with signature. Stay tuned for more fine tuned photos!

Contact: admin@mikesutfin.com

-Thank you.
(sword not included)

Five New Hand Painted Bop Dragons

Not for sale. Collection of RUMBLE MONSTERS.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I recently received this pic of a framed Punch in the Face giclee. Made my day. Thanks J!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Little Man with the Bottlecans!

Pretty sweet!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cursed Vision of Sagaras!

Charcoal and Prismacolor on Rives BFK
Take Two
Color Comp Digital
Final Oil on Wood
World of Warcraft trading card database!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Battle On Barack

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for...but it seems obvious.


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