Thursday, February 12, 2009

NYCC Last Words

NY Comicon was a rewarding and memorable trip! I've made some friends in the short time I've been working on vinyl toys and it was a pleasure to meet up direct. A handful of toy enthusiasts even flew in from all over the globe! Thanks so much to everyone who made this a great event for us. Extreme thanks go to Rumble Monsters, Toy Tokyo, Secret Base and of course Pushead & the Skeletal Crew!! The response has been amazing and thanks to Vinyl Pulse, ToyCyte, Hateball/Mishka for getting the word out on the internerds. Sorry if I accidentally forgot anything...

The Bop Dragon / Mini Damnedron sets came packed in a clear hand-paint bucket with a special mini-giclee in back. Here is a photo of the first NYCC Duo Set:

I also came home with a small amount of quality loot from the convention which I will post later.

Brian E. we love you.