Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pinback Autumn of the Seraphs

Here is a small preview of the record cover I did for Pinback's upcoming 'Autumn of the Seraphs'. The album is scheduled to be released 9/11/2007. I had done some artwork for them previously on a couple CDs...a tour EP called 'Too Many Shadows' and the B-sides collection 'Nautical Antiques'. Those were important and I took them seriously but to do art for their fourth full-length album, on the MIGHTY Touch and Go label? Run by Corey Rusk who played in the legendary NECROS? O, the pressure...and excitement. I worked with Rob and Zach for over a month just coming up with ideas and sketches. I'm not going to give away any details that the band hasn't already, but as posted the final artwork is 'extensive' (Image above taken from Touch and Go website).
Touch and Go Records