Sunday, May 20, 2007

Azeroth or Bust

Here lies my second installment of Illustrations for Upperdeck's licensed trading card game 'World of Warcraft'. Blizzard Entertainment created what seems to be one of the most addictive/successful online games in existence. Now when Warcraft players are somehow torn from their home computers and forced to leave their homes...guess what? Now they can play the Warcraft card game! You don't even need electricity! Just a pile of cards and maybe some nachos. I have never actually played this game but when I see any kind of screenshot or video clip I feel the urge to try, but I most likely wont. I'm more of a stand-up-Galaga-at-the-arcade-with-a-Skateboard-leaned-up-against-the-machine kind of guy (preferably Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor Michigan)...
World of Warcraft TCG