Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here lies a post to recap works created for a guest appearance alongside Aaron Horkey at Pushead's PATCHWERK event held at the Toy Tokyo Booth, 4 PM Thursday, July 21st 2K11.

Sutfin TLS23 Hardcover Book. Signed/numbered edition of 23. Packed in a slipcase with silk-screened reversed spot varnish signature. Die cut linen cover with acetate overlay. Each book harbors an additional giclee print. 11 of 23 books contained an original work on metallic pewter stock. Sold out.


Vid example:

MadBattleMan 'Patchwerk' figures. Sold Out.


MadBattleMan 'Nightfall' edition. A small number were available and sold out at the event [A larger number will be online at Reckless Toys at a future date].

MadBattleMan HP [Pics to follow - check back!!]

Thnx - Tonya & Thora S, Pus, Toybot Studios, Monolith Press, Toy Tokyo, Chris K, David M, Justin K, Kris P & Aaron H.